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Just like you, we struggled to motivate ourselves to workout long enough. It was boring and hard to stay focused. We are also sociable; we enjoy going out for drinks with our friends, watching or playing team sports, and hanging out with others. But somehow, when it came to working out, we tended to do it alone. This struck us as odd. We started Aviron to bring a connected, immersive and exhilarating experience to the traditional lonely, boring workout experience.

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We are an energetic company that is truly passionate about improving the fitness experience. We share a wealth of experience with our sister company, i3 International Inc., a company that helps us develop and create some of the world’s most advanced technology for the fitness world.

i3 (www.i3international.com) provides digital video solutions that protect businesses and drive their bottom line. Since 1987, i3 has grown from a family-run business into a global brand with over 160 employees, leading in design, manufacturing, and supply of digital video solutions for today's security industry.