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+ How much is the membership?

Purchase a personal membership for $29/ month or $299/ year. The personal membership price is the same for both the Impact Series and Tough Series. The membership can be cancelled at any time.
Without a membership you can create a profile, track your workout history, adjust resistance and track your performance.

+ What is included in the membership?

The membership covers a variety of services with our interactive rower!
1. It keeps you connected online with multiple user accounts to track workout stats and collect accomplishments.
2. Allows access to our online network of workout programs, games and competitions to either compete with friends, or with other Aviron users anywhere in the world and in real-time.
3. It also keeps you up to date with software and the constant release of new workout options and updates.

+ Is there a trial period? What if we don’t like the product?

There is a 30-day risk free return period. There are no restocking or shipping return fees if you decide to return. Please keep the boxes throughout your trial period in the event you decide to return the product.

+ Can the membership be cancelled at any time?

Yes, the membership is month-to-month and can be cancelled and renewed at any time.

+ Can I use the rower without a membership?

Yes, however, you can only access one basic workout program.

+ When will I receive my order?

We will process your order within 5 business days of receiving the order, and ship within the next 5 business days as long as the product is in stock.
International delivery times vary due to customs. As soon as your order is shipped out, we will send you a link to track your package.

+ Does the rower require internet? If so, how fast?

Yes, our rowers require either a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection to access the interactive workouts. Fast internet speeds are not a requirement because the rower does not stream high bandwidth content like classes. Instead, it downloads the content onto the hard drive. However, fast internet speeds can improve the user experience when working out or competing with others.

+ Do I need a power source?

The machine requires acess to a standard power outlet.
(12v DC 5Amps)

+ What are the weight/height restrictions?

For the Tough Series Rower, the max user weight is 507LBS/230KG, and 40” max inseam
For the Impact Series Rower, the max user weight is 397LBS/180KG, and 38” max inseam

+ What are the dimensions of the rower?

The Tough Series Rower is 250 x 53 x 111 cm or 100 x 21 x 44 in (L x W x H), and weighs 125LBS/57KG.
The Impact Series Rower is 250 x 53 x 108 cm or 100 x 21 x 44 in (L x W x H), and weighs 93LBS/42KG. When folded, it’s 136 x 53 x 158 cm or 54 x 21 x 63 in.

+ Can the Rowers be folded?

The Impact Series Rower can be folded to save on space. The Tough Series Rower cannot be folded.

+ Is there a warranty?

Yes, the Tough and Impact Series Rowers have a 10-year warranty on the frame, and 2-year warranty on the moving parts. Please check out our warranty policy or product user manual for more information.

+ Does it come with assembly?

It does not, however, it’s easy and takes less than 60-minutes to assemble yourself.

+ How loud is the rower?

Operating at only ~60 decibels or conversational volume, Aviron's smart design and nylon belt is much quieter than most rowers.

+ What is the distance between the rower legs?

The Impact Series Rower is 79" or 200cm.
The Tough Series Rower is 84" or 213cm